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The team at Access Abilities has more than 25 years of experience in successfully installing and serving stair lifts in homes around the GTA. Stair lifts can give you or your loved one more confidence to move more freely and enjoy every level of the home!

Helping you access every level of your home is our passion! We look forward to hearing from you!

Need more info now? Our staff at Access Abilities Etobicoke, serving the entire Greater Toronto Area, regularly receive many questions around purchasing, renting and installing stair lifts for your home. Here are some of these most common questions answered.

Will the stair lift take up a lot of room in my home?

Stair lifts are installed right onto the railing of your staircase. They take up as little as 13″ when folded and not in use.

Are major renovations required to install a stair lift in my home?

There are actually no renovations required to install a stair lift! The stair lift tracks are mounted to the stair, and not the wall. No special power is needed and no restoration is required to remove the stair lift.

What is the difference between a stair lift and an in-home elevator?

A stair lift is the most inexpensive solution to help you access all  levels of your home, as it requires no renovations. The stair lift goes onto your existing stairs.

A stair lift is suitable for users who:

  • Will be using it as a single rider
  • Are able to walk around but you may:
    • Use a cane to assist with your mobility when walking
    • Tire easily when trying to walk up the stairs
    • Have problems with balance and worry about falling
  • Are up to 500lbs
  • Are looking for the most cost-effective way to move up and down the stairs

WATCH a stair lift in action:

If you are a wheelchair user a more suitable option is an in-home elevator. In-home elevators require significant renovation and carry much higher costs but the are better suited to wheelchair users and potentially multiple riders depending on their weight limits.

What about access to areas like my porch or deck?

Vertical platform lifts (porch lifts) are an ideal solution. They feature an automatic, self-lowering folding ramp, a high weight capacity and a spring-sensitive bottom that safely shuts down the unit when an obstruction is encountered.

CLICK HERE to see an example of a residential vertical platform lift model

WATCH a vertical platform lift in action:

Can I rent a stair lift if I only need one temporarily?

Yes, Access Abilities offers stair lifts available for rent across the GTA.

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How much does a stair lift cost?

The cost of a stair lift will depend on the complexity of the staircase – for example, is it straight or curved. A home visit is usually required to determine an accurate cost. Contact us now to discuss a free, no-obligation quote.

Is there funding available for a stair lift?

Some individuals may be eligible for funding through Extended Health Benefits through insurance or your employer. There are also potential options through various charities and organizations. Our friendly and experienced staff can help you with queries on these claims and guide you through the process.

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