Daily Living Aids

Daily living aids include little things that make a big difference every day, such as reachers/grabbers, easy-grip utensils, step stools, long handled shoe horns, swivel seats, magnifying glasses and much more.

Conditions such as Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Parkinson’s or symptoms after a stroke can cause difficulty or pain when eating or grooming or performing many day-to-day tasks and hobbies.

Working out the best product solutions for your daily living needs can be tricky. We are proud to serve the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding regions with a wide range of daily living aids.

Our friendly staff are here to help you find the tools that offer independence and comfort. See below for samples of the products we carry and contact us now or visit one of our locations for the best help and service.


These long handled-aids are designed with a grabber to help you pick up items without bending to reach them. There are a range of options: ones with magnetic tips, extra-long grabbers, grabber tools designed for small objects and even heavy-duty grabbers. Below is an example of a popular reacher grabber we carry:

26” and 32” Long Reachers

Reacher Grabber

Best-sellers: both are light-weight and include a magnetic tip designed for picking up coins and more.

Aids for Dressing and Grooming

These tools and aids offer independence with difficult tasks that require bending or fine motor skills such as putting on your shoes, buttoning your shirt, clipping your toenails or applying soap or lotion to your back:

Long reach toenail scissors

long reach toenail clippers

Ergonomically designed to assist those who have difficulty bending down to cut your toenails. The cutting head is angled at 45 degrees to give a more comfortable position, one blade is slightly serrated to prevent slipping and the long loop handle allows you to use your whole hand.

Elastic shoe laces

elastic shoe laces

These can be pre-tied so shoes slip on and off easily to avoid bending and tying. They also don’t restrict your circulation  so tired feet can swell.

Button hook/zipper pull

Allows those with poor dexterity or the use of only one hand to do up buttons and zippers.

Stocking aid

stocking aid

A flexible device with straps that allows you to easily put on your socks without bending.

Long shoe horn

long handled metal shoe horn

We carry long and strong metal shoe horns to allow you to get in and out of your shoes with ease. This MOBB 24” model is a best-seller.


roll a lotion shower aid for seniors

Apply lotion or bath gel to hard-to-reach places: this device has an extra long 17 1/2″ handle and beaded design for even application.

“Buckingham Easy Wipe”

buckingham easy wipe

Allows you to wipe after going to the toilet without reaching. Easily grips and releases the toilet tissue. Perfect for those with limited dexterity or movement.

We also offer a full range of bathroom safety devices: from grab bars to raised toilet seats and more. Click here to view.

Aids for Eating and Drinking

Whether you have dexterity, mobility or dental issues, these tools can help you with independence, comfort and confidence at meal time.

Easy grip and curved utensils

easy grip curved utensils

We offer a range of spoons, forks and knives designed to make gripping easy: they are light, ergonomically designed and angled to limit wrist movement. Our range includes featherlight utensils and extra curved utensils to limit the need for wrist motion. The extra curved utensils are specially designed for right or left hand use.

Inner lip plate

inner lip plate

These are designed to hold food on the plate and allow users to scoop without spilling over the sides. Ideally suited for one hand use. Break-proof and microwave-safe.

Spill proof cup

spillproof cup

These feature a screw-top lid and internal nozzle so nothing can spill out. The easy-grip handle and lightweight design make it easy for anyone to pick up. Can hold hot and cold liquids.

Nosey cup

Designed for people with limited neck movement, the large dip in the rim allows you to drink without tipping your head back.


adult waterproof snapback bib

Snapback cotton bibs with waterproof lining.

Aids for Enjoying Hobbies

Reading/magnifying glasses

magnifying glass for reading

2X magnifier with a 4X bifocal area. Our magnifiers have folding handles and come with a travel case.

Playing card holders

Playing card holder with low vision playing cards

These are designed to keep playing cards at an angle to improve visibility and provide hands-free viewing.

Aids for day-to-day mobility

Step stool with handrail

Step Stool with a Hand Rail

Step to reach higher spots with added support.

Swivel seat

Swivel Seats

Allows you to turn a full 360-degrees in any direction. Can be used at home, in the car or at the office. Gives range of motion for those with limited neck or back movement.

Cushions & backrests

Cushion backrest

Snapback cotton bibs with waterproof lining.