What if I Need Healthcare Equipment Funding?

There are a number of assistance programs available to Ontario residents if you’re unable to afford your home healthcare equipment.

At Access Abilities, we have had years of experience helping our valued customers get the financial assistance that may be available to them. We can work directly with your insurance company so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best equipment for your needs at the best price available and with all available funding options explored.

Here is some more information on the main funding programs available to Ontario residents for home healthcare devices:

Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) provides support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and access to personalized assistive devices appropriate for the individual’s basic needs.

Eligibility includes any Ontario resident who has a valid Ontario Health card issued in their name and has a physical disability of six months or longer. Equipment cannot be required exclusively for sports, work or school. ADP does not pay for equipment available under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or to Group “A” Veterans for their pensioned benefits. There are specific eligibility criteria which apply to each device category.

An individual who has a chronic illness or dysfunction that requires long-term oxygen therapy may be eligible for home oxygen funding.

ADP covers over 8,000 separate pieces of equipment or supplies in the following categories : prostheses; wheelchairs/mobility aids and specialized seating systems; enteral feeding supplies; monitors and test strips for insulin-dependent diabetics (through an agreement with the Canadian Diabetes Association); hearing aids; insulin pumps and supplies for children; respiratory equipment; orthoses (braces, garments and pumps); visual and communication aids; oxygen and oxygen delivery equipment, such as concentrators, cylinders, liquid systems and related supplies, such as masks and tubing.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

If you have a disability and need help with your living expenses, you may be eligible for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

ODSP offers:

  • financial assistance to help you and your family with essential living expenses
  • benefits, for you and your family, including prescription drugs and vision care
  • help finding and keeping a job, and advancing your career

Each type of support has its own eligibility requirements and application process. Visit ODSP’s website for further details.

March of Dimes (MOD)

March of Dimes is a community-based rehabilitation and advocacy charity for people with physical disabilities. Their goal is to enhance the independence and community participation of people with physical disabilities every day through a wide range of programs and services across the country.

Learn more about MOD’s Assistive Devices Program

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

Veterans Affairs Canada offers a number of support and funding programs for any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably released.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is an independent trust agency that administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces.

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