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Bedroom Safety Checklist for Seniors at Home

Living independently as a senior requires extra diligence to ensure you are safe and secure at home. You can avoid common safety issues such as slips and falls with the right approach and home health care equipment.

There are many things to consider when purchasing bedroom safety devices such as bars, rails and beds and small details can make a big difference to your comfort.

Here is our handy bedroom safety checklist to help you make you room as safe and comfortable as possible:

  1. Avoid clutter and obstructions. Cluttered spaces will increase your risk for a fall. Ensure your bedroom is clear of any unnecessary furniture or bulky items. Keep cords near the wall and not running across the floor.
  2. Ensure your floor space is secure. Avoid rugs or anything that can slip or cause the flooring to be loose or uneven.
  3. Make sure you can get comfortably in and out of your bed. Assess your needs for bedroom safety devices such as a grab rail or grab bar or gaits to ensure you have the right support.
  4. Make sure you are comfortable in your bed. Assess your needs for a safety rail if you are prone to roll in your sleep. If you have any mobility or breathing issues you may also consider an electric, adjustable bed that will provide you with extra comfort and support.
  5. Keep your phone nearby and ready. Always keep your phone or any safety monitoring devices you have fully charged and on a nightstand within easy reach before you go to sleep.
  6. Keep emergency numbers saved as favourites on your phone. This includes standard emergency services as well as neighbours or family who can also help you in an emergency.
  7. Keep a working flashlight handy. This will help you see in a power failure! Be sure to also have spare batteries nearby.
  8. Use connected devices. Use devices and appliances that you can control with a remove or your voice so that you don’t have to get in and out of bed for small tasks. For example, consider using Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control your TV, music or lights with your voice!

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