Human Care Nexus 2 Rollator

Human Care Nexus 2 Rollator

The best selling neXus series of walking aids feature an “X” frame design that folds from side to side which makes it quick and easy to fold. It also allows the rollator to stand independently when folded and ensures that it requires minimal space.

The Nexus 2 also features an arthritic ball on the brake handle for ease of use.

The neXus rollators have a padded back strap that can flip to allow for two-position seating, a large mesh basket and a double bearing front fork assembly for smooth rolling making them a very user friendly choice!

Product Highlights:

  • Large mesh basket or soft bag (purchase separately)
  • Stands independently when folded
  • Comfortable, foam hand grips

Product Specifications:

 SPECIFICATIONS  Super-low Low Standard
Height 737-838 mm/29”-33” 800-902 mm/31.5”-35.5” 876-978mm/34.5” -38.5”
Seat height 470mm/18.5” 533mm/21” 610mm/24”
Width 635mm/25” 635mm/25” 635mm/25”
Width folded 254mm/10” 254mm/10” 254mm/10”
Width between handles 445mm/17.5” 445mm/17.5” 445mm/17.5”
Length 660 mm/26” 686mm/27” 700mm/27.5”
Weight 6.8 kg/15 lbs 6.8 kg/15 lbs 7.3kg/16 lbs
Weight capacity 150kg/330lbs 150kg/330lbs 150kg/330lbs