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Bathroom Safety Checklist for Seniors at Home

Living independently as a senior requires extra diligence to ensure you are safe and secure at home. The bathroom in particular has many potential hazards, such as slippery and hard surfaces. Getting in and out of the shower or bath is one of the most common ways to fall. Even going to the toilet without the right assistance to get up and down can present risks.

Your bathroom can be made much more secure and comfortable with the right approach and equipment to suit your needs.

Here’s our handy bathroom safety checklist to help you make your bathroom as safe and comfortable as possible:

General bathroom safety

  1. Use non-slip mats on the floor.
  2. Ensure your door opens out rather than in. In an emergency it’s much safer for access if the door opens out.
  3. Keep your phone in a waterproof or resistant case and bring it with you into the bathroom.

Toilet Safety

  1. Reduce squatting/lowering down with a raised toilet seat or Toilevator. Adding height to your toilet makes sitting down much easier. You can choose from a selection of raised toilet seats to suit the height you need and you can also get a toilet seat with handles on the side for added support. You can also consider a Toilevator: these require installation but are more discreet and offer a permanent solution.
  2. Give yourself added support with a grab bar. Professionally installed grab bars will give you the right support when getting up and down from the toilet. You can use a grab bar on its own or in combination with a raised toilet seat.

Shower safety

  1. Improve your balance getting in and out of the shower with a grab bar. Many people make the mistake of using a towel bar for support: these are not designed to bear weight and also will likely not be the optimal height for you. Professionally installed grab bars will give you the right support. We can help with installing grab bars.
  2. Use a shower chair to help with balance while in the shower. A sturdy, adjustable shower chair that is the right height for you and designed to hold your weight will help you if you have trouble standing for long, or would feel more comfortable sitting.
  3. Install a hand-held shower head. If you are using a shower chair, a hand-held shower head will make showering sitting down much easier and more comfortable for you.
  4. Install a soap and shampoo dispenser. Bars of soap slip too easily! A dispenser attached to the wall and at the correct height will prevent you from dropping anything.

Tub safety

  1. Improve your balance getting in and out of the tub with a bath safety rail. Climbing in and out of a bathtub can cause you to easily lose your balance and fall. A grab bar that can attach to the side of your tub and adjusted for your height will keep you secure.
  2. Use a tub transfer bench to avoid stepping in and out of the tub. A transfer bench placed next to your tub will allow you to sit and turn to enter and avoid climbing in altogether.
  3. Use a bath step for a bit of extra support. If you only need a small bit of assistance getting in and out of the bath, consider a bath step.

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